In this cross between The Wizard of Oz and The Sandman, we follow the story of Maggie, a powerful, strong willed and disillusioned girl. Throughout her journey, Maggie will encounter crows and machine men. She will be protector and slayer. But how far will she go to find her place in this world of petty gods and precocious children?

1 - Of Dreams
Maggie finds a child filled with power and promise.
2 - Prayers Answered
The crows are back and want the child.
3 - Godhead
Aztok has come for Max. Will Maggie give in?
4 - Divide
A stranger in the woods will alter their course.
5 - Purpose
Who is the farmer and what will they learn from him?
6 - David's Journey
We learn about David and his Arcstone
Issue 07 - Page 00
What awaits Maggie, Max and David in the Church of Life?
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